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Welcome to Business Horizons, Virginia Tech's premier career fair! Got questions? We've got answers! Check out our FAQ section for quick, helpful information to make your experience at the fair smooth and successful.

  • Preparing Your Resume
    Your resume is an essential part of your Career Fair success. Plan to bring several copies to the fair. Visit our Resume Resources page on the Pamplin Career Services Website for additional information about formatting your resume. Creating/Formatting Your Resume Download our recommended Resume Templates: Watch our pre-recorded Virtual Resume Workshop for tips on utilizing our Resume Template and what to include in your resume: Resume Review Attend "Prepare for the Fair" with Pamplin Career Services to have your resume reviewed by an industry recruiter! Visit the Events Calendar to mark your calendar for the event. Email your resume to with the subject "Resume Review". Pamplin Career Services will return feedback as soon as possible, but please expect a delay as we get closer to the fair.
  • Research
    Planning your day will help you to maximize your time and get the most out of your conversations. Check the "Attending Companies" tab to view which companies will be attending on which dates, and filter to your major, class level, position type, and location(s). Make a list of your top companies, and take some notes on which positions/programs you'd like to ask them about. You will get more out of your conversations, and your recruiter will be more impressed if you have some background information about what the company does.
  • Creating a LinkedIn Profile
    LinkedIn is the #1 professional networking platform, and an important part of your job search. Recruiters may search for you on LinkedIn following the career fair. Download our LinkedIn Profile Guide to get started:
  • Take a Tour
    First time attending Business Horizons or a career fair? Get the lay of the land by joining us for a tour of the career fair venue on Wednesday, January 31st from 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM. We'll show you a behind the scenes look of company booths and share exactly how you can plan your day for success! You’ll also get a chance to grab your nametag early if you were not able to earlier in the week! Planning to attend? Let us know and RSVP here - (RSVP’s help our planning team out, but are not required to attend!)
  • Dressing for Success
    Students should dress professionally to the in-person fair, remember that this may be your first impression with a future employer! Attend "Prepare for the Fair" with Pamplin Career Services to visit Altria's Career Closet Pop-Up! Visit the Events Calendar to mark your calendar for the event. Learn more about dressing for a career fair here!
  • What to bring to the Fair?
    ○ Resumes 📄 ○ Minimum 15 paper copies ○ Print the day before! ○ Nametag - Don't forget to pick up your Business Horizons Nametag in advance! You will need this in order to enter the career fair. ○ Notepad 🗒 - Take notes on your conversations ○ Pen ✏️ - Write down names & emails immediately after your conversation! ○ Folder or portfolio 📂 (The bookstore has VT-themed folders for under $5) ○ We do not recommend bringing your backpack if possible, as they cannot be taken into the ballroom. But don't worry, if you need to bring it to the career fair, you can check it in Squires Room 116 (our Business Horizons Student Team will be available to direct you there).
  • The Elevator Pitch
    Attend "Prepare for the Fair" with Pamplin Career Services to practice your pitch with industry recruiters! Visit the Events Calendar to mark your calendar for the event. Learn more about how to greet recruiters here!
  • Active Listening
    Some students get so wrapped up in the perfect elevator pitch, that they forget to engage with the person in front of them. Don't forget to be friendly, ask follow-up questions, and actively listen when the recruiter is speaking. Take notes of any important info they share!
  • Wrap Up by Asking for Contacts
    Write rep info down immediately after your conversation so that you do not forget. Remember that Pamplin Career Services does not keep a list of company reps that we can share out with students. You are responsible for keeping track of names and contact info for reps that you chat with at the career fair. Asking for a card or email is a natural way to end a conversation when the time comes. Be mindful of any lines behind you and follow recruiter cues when it is time to politely thank them for their time and wrap up.
  • Following Up with Companies
    Connect with reps on LinkedIn and include a short message letting them know you enjoyed meeting them! Your invitation with your picture will help jog their memory of your conversation. Follow through on any actions given to you by company reps in a timely manner, including submitting applications online! Respond to any communications from recruiters promptly. They may only be on campus for a few more days!
  • Checking for Interview Invites
    Recruiters may be reaching out to you shortly after the career fair to invite you to an interview the following day. Keep your phone and email notifications on, and respond promptly or you may miss the opportunity!
  • Continue to Apply Online!
    Here is a list of websites where you can find and apply for more internships! LinkedIn Handshake Career Shift Indeed USA Jobs GoinGlobal & USA Careers Virginia Tech Jobs Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center Micro-Internships (Short-Term Professional Assignments)
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